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Coronavirus: Celebs slammed for plugging products and flaunting freebies during pandemic

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Coronavirus: Celebs slammed for plugging products and flaunting freebies during pandemic

Famous faces including Kim Kardashian, Chloe Ferry and a number of Love Island stars have come under fire for shamelessly advertising their ranges and endorsement deals during the Covid-19 crisis.

Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Chloe Ferry and the stars of Love Island have come under fire for continuing to plug their products and endorsement deals during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the deadly bug continues to sweep across the globe, it seems to be business as usual for many reality stars.

As well as promoting their lines and advertising deals, some stars have been flaunting their freebies and even urging fans to join competitions to win holidays.

Chloe Ferry was called out by her followers this week when she posted a message offering fans the chance to win a holiday to Ibiza – even though travel across Europe has been massively restricted due to Covid-19.

In exchange for entering the contest, she was asking fans to like her post and following an Instagram advertiser.

One baffled fan simply wrote: “Bruh why would you wanna fly now?”

Chloe Ferry has been slammed for launching a competition to win a trip to Ibiza during the the coronavirus outbreakChloe Ferry

Love Island star Belle Hassan has also been slammed over her Instagram posts, including one which bragged about free snacks she’d been sent in return for a plug.

She wrote: “Snacks with my quarantine buddy Massive shout out to @mrpscornershop for hooking us up #gifted.”

One of he followers wrote: “Sorry but have got to say how annoyed I am at certain celebrities trying to still sell and flaunt themselves at this time.

Belle Hassan

Love Island’s Belle Hassan was flaunting all the free snacks she was sent in return for a plug

“I don’t know how everyone else feels but it’s a bit s**t I think… they getting the best meals sent, make-up and clothes being sent just to rub peoples noses in it.

“Sorry but its p**sing me off atm… usually wouldn’t have a problem with it but in this time maybe they should think about their actions and how it makes people feel less fortunate ??????”

Another Love Island star getting grief over her lucrative promotional deals was 2019 winner Paige Turley, who has been plugging make-up on her page.

She shared an advert plugging online retailer Look Fantastic, and one fan replied: “Are you aware there is a pandemic right now?”

Paige snapped back: “Yes beau I am, are u??”

Paige Turley

Love Island winner Paige Turley rowed with a fan who slammed her for advertising make-up during the crisis

Former Towie star Joey Essex has also come under fire over his attempts to sell a clothing line during the outbreak.

He shared a video on his Twitter page plugging a range called Calm Storm, and fans called him out over the clip.

One wrote: “Two-bob celebs flogging this c**p during a pandemic crisis.”

Joey Essx

Joey Essx ignored the crisis to advertise a clothing line

Kim Kardashian has also found herself receiving negative attention a fter recently announcing she would be donating 20 per cent of the profits from her Skims underwear range to help those in need during the pandemic.

However, many fans have pointed out that in order to get the money, Kim is keeping her business going and regularly plugging her products online.

After she posted a picture of her products and urged fans to buy them to help vitims of the crisis.

Kim Kardashian has been criticised for trying to boost sales of her Skims line with the promise of donating a portion of the proceeds to a Covid-19 charity

Kim Kardashian

One follower wrote: “Kim, there’s people that are dying!”

Another added: “If she so passionate about others, I reckon she should just donate from her pocket.

“People are dying and yet she is telling them to buy skims. Like who really cares about shape wear in such trying times. She is listening to wrong advice.”

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