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These ‘Booty Bands’ May Totally Transform Your Legs and Glutes From Home

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Woman working out with an OlarHike Resistance Booty Band.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch lately. Like, a lot. And when we’re not on the couch? Well, there’s a good chance we’re snoozing under our blankets in bed. It’s nice to relax, but it’s possible we’ve been doing slightly too much relaxing, to be honest!

While we’re stuck at home especially, we should really make it a point to get a little bit of a workout in multiple days a week. We don’t even have to set aside a specific amount of time for it. If we have the right tools, we can actually multitask! You might feel antsy working at home all day, but what if you were toning your legs underneath your desk while filling out that spreadsheet or answering that email? With these booty bands Opens in a new Window.to check it out on amazon, you can!


Want to shape and lift your booty, strengthen your abs, tone your legs from your quads to your calves and shed some unwanted weight? These compact resistance bands are just the thing to get you there — whether you have a big backyard to utilize or are stuck sitting in a cramped apartment. Reviewers say using these bands burns in the best way, and the results have been seriously stunning!

Anyone can use these bands Opens in a new Window.to check it out on amazon. There are three to cover three levels of resistance, one for beginners, one for intermediate users and one for advanced athletes. You might even find different parts of your legs require different bands, or maybe it varies by day and how sore you are. That’s why it’s amazing having all three tucked away in their cute little carrying case — which is perfect for traveling, by the way!


These color-coded bands are made of a soft, skin-friendly knit fabric with stretch technology, made to stay in place throughout your workout. Speaking of your workout, wondering exactly what you can do with these bands? Just check out the handy guidebook included with your purchase! Your squats, lunges, bridges, donkey kicks, clam, sit-ups and leg lifts are all about to be next level!

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